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Announcing the debut single: What Makes You Beautiful
5th August 2011

The wait is finally over and the One Direction boys are ready to announce their debut single “What Makes You Beautiful”! The single will be released on September 12th.

Watch what the boys have to say:click link --> boys will be going into Scott Mills’ show on Wednesday 10th August at 8am and What Makes You Beautiful will be played in full for the first time so be sure to tune in!


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Are cher Lloyd and Zayn Malik officialy an item??

 Cher Lloyd has been linked with in this season of the show. But apparently, this time the rumours are true, and Cher and One Direction's Zain Malik are actually an item!

Rumours of a romance between Cher and kooky crooner Aiden Grimshaw were rife when the X Factor gang first got together at Bootcamp, with sources even saying the pair were in love. However, those tales were closely followed by stories about Cher and Liam Payne, then Cher and Harry Styles too, so we were all a little confused about who exactly, Cher had the hots for!

Until now that is. Insiders from the X Factor camp have revealed that the real-deal couple is in fact Cher and Zain, and the two are smitten with each other. "Cher and Zain are very much an item," a 'source' has been reported saying, "they're completely into each other."

More reports have even said that the romance may have been going for a little while now, with the pair kissing in front of the other contestants last week!

Cher's mentor Cheryl Cole has voiced concerns over what will happen if the pair split during the show, while we're waiting to hear what Simon Cowell has to say on the subject. He did ban any X Factor romance after-all!What do you think of Cher and Zain? Do you think he's the best looking One Direction lad? Is Cheryl right to worry about the pair splitting up? Comments please!
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Is Zayn now dating Belle amies's Geneva Lane

One Direction's Zayn Malik has been dating another X Factor contestant - but it ISN'T Cher Lloyd.

No, the star, 17, has been getting cosy with Belle Amie's Geneva Lane.

"Everybody in the house knew something was going on," I'm told. "They even had matching love bites!"

This week, Geneva, 20, who has left the house, Twittered that she was missing the 1D boys. Zayn said: "Missin yuu too :( x."

Yuuung love, eh?

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X Factor: One Direction’s Zayn Malik reveals his first kiss

One Direction singer Zayn Malik has revealed that his first kiss was a bit difficult, as he was vertically challenged at the time.

The 17 year old didn’t mention what age he was when he first locked lips with a female but did admit that he had to use a brick to reach her mouth.

Speaking in the group’s official video diary with ITV, Zayn laughed:

“My first kiss was pretty funny. It was a bit like, have you seen the ad where the guy has to use the yellow pages to stand on? The girl was really tall and I was about two foot shorter than her. We were outside so I got a massive brick and put it up against the wall to stand on and then I kissed her.”

On what they hope to achieve with this week’s ‘American Anthem’ themed performance, Harry Styles added:

“I think we want to show that we can make big improvements in a week and just keep getting better vocally and performance wise. Because although there are people voting for us, which we really appreciate, we know that nobody in the competition is safe. We saw that this weekend with Belle Amie and last weekend with John.”

Zayn Malik confirms Belle Amie romance

                                                                  Zayn Malik from One Direction has confirmed that he is dating Belle Amie's Geneva Lane.

The 17-year-old announced on Twitter that he and his fellow X Factor finalist are an item after previously denying that they were together.

He tweeted: "Listen fans i still love yuu all dont be jelous and hate on @genevalane were together whether yuu hate or not (sic)."

Malik, 17, and Lane, 20, were first linked together when they moved into the X Factor house before the live shows.

They also appeared to be kissing outside the X Factor studio following the final on Sunday, according to reports.